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Let's Get Serious Here

As you can see from the disparate timelines of these posts, I have not been consistent with blogging(to say the least). I have been digging into Instagram, and Pinterest - but if I am honest, I just haven’t taken my own “build traci’s art biz” plans seriously. From all of the reading I have done, all of the “girl you can do it”, and business how tos, I feel like I could run my own seminar - in the abstract, I know what to do, And then, because I have so many things to on my list(like everyone, I know!), it slides… And I do just enough to not totally feel awful - however, not nearly enough to go where I know I can. Using myself as an example, I know it doesn’t have to be that way. I was “too busy” to work out consistently and eat well - and here I am a year and a half into a new fitness program, down 15 lbs and sporting a bunch of new muscles… I can do it - I jhave the powah :) I just need to be brave enough to really really try at the thing that really really matters to me. Making my art… work. Work for me, work as a business, get beyond hobbyland… So here goes

Traci Thayne