traci thayne corbett




about me

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing.  In grade school I drew horses, middle & high school, rock stars, college, fashion, in my corporate job all of my notetaking was punctuated by harbor scenes, abstract patterns, and yes, some horses & fashionable ladies...  Always drawing. 

Along the way I have taken as many classes and workshops as I could, and learned to combine my drawing with paint, charcoal, pastels, watercolor.  My teachers have been wonderful and inspiring, and truth be told, I have never met an art product I don't like.

When I take the time to draw something, to focus on it, learn all of it's little details, I can't help but get drawn into it's whole story. I think about what makes that particular subject unique - "why is this boat so rusty?  Isn't it cool how the waves make the reflections look like lightning, how the summer air makes a haze over the boatyard?....  Making art that tells those stories, that draws the viewer in the way the subject drew me- that is the goal.  It is an elusive goal - and I am always almost there.  You can always tell the story better, with fewer strokes, more color(or less, or none...)...  So I paint & draw some more, and feel very lucky when people enjoy looking at my works...  If someone says, "that reminds me of the feeling..." - or- "that feels just like..." - then I know I've done something right.