traci thayne corbett


I've been Inspired

When this painting by Emanuel De Sousa popped up in my instagram, I swear, I was changed immediately. I literally gasped - recognizing elements I adore presented in a wholly original way…The finished & unfinished, that beautifully painted balloon, the dripping paint… And then the cool appraising look of the subject - and a yellow suit? Little roses and weird tile floor - What? LOVELOVELOVE!!!

Suddenly i needed to paint differently. I simply couldn’t go back to “the usual” . It sounds crazy and dramatic - and blindsided me completely. But it happened - I guess I just saw what I needed to see when I needed to see it. Soon there was paint splattering everywhere, and it was the most fun painting I’ve done in a long time.

I even messaged the artist, who generously messaged back with thoughtful, unexpected feedback.

8 paintings later and I am still finding my way - but it is so exciting(and scary) to be shoved off your beaten path and find a new approach. Once you know you were in a rut, you can’t just climb back into it!

Traci Thayne