traci thayne corbett


First Solo Show

 I had set myself a goal of "do a show" for 2016.  The goal was not so specific or detailed, but it was there.  As December clicked away, and my friends asked what I was going to do with all of these paintings - I decided to have a one night pop up at the Hive.  To be honest, I was pretty freaked out.  But the thought of waking up January 1 2017 NOT having done it was more freaky - and sad.  So, expecting the worst, hoping for something better, the show went on.  For me, it was a precious jewel of an evening.  My family, friends and Gloucester in general showed up and were so sweet, supportive and inspiring!  Thank you to all of you lovely people who fit me into your crazy holiday schedules… To those who drove from far and wide, and some who wound up wrapping gifts way late into the night due to time lost, and some who parted with hard earned $ to buy my art - I am so grateful.

Bring on 2017 - here's to a multi night show - or 2 - in this new year :)

Traci Thayne