traci thayne corbett

Dockside Collection

The collection is from my first solo show.  These scenes are all around Gloucester.  My hope is to capture the interplay of water & sky, with the evidence of the working waterfront 

SOLD - no rest for the weary

SOLD - no rest for the weary


Living in Gloucester, I see the ocean every day. It is beautiful of course, as is the endless sky it reflects. But what makes our "views" special is the evidence of the fishing industry past & present. I find I have a hard time painting just a pretty sunset... As enjoyable as it is to me, it's better glowing through tangles of masts, rigging and cables. I love that mash up of gorgeous water, dancing light, and rusting boats.

This particular view just feels like busy working people to me - the rigging, the boats - there is just a lot of work going on here!

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