traci thayne corbett

Dockside Collection

The collection is from my first solo show.  These scenes are all around Gloucester.  My hope is to capture the interplay of water & sky, with the evidence of the working waterfront 

SOLD - Beautiful ain't always pretty

SOLD - Beautiful ain't always pretty


This is one of my favorite phrases, and I feel like this old boat exemplifies how beautiful less than pretty can be.  The combination of major rust, and various shades of peeling blue paint are irrestible. I just love the contrast of this big hulking mass of a boat against the water and sky. To me this is a portrait of an elder,like a salty old fish boat captain. I hope people see the the hours at sea in the warm brown rust, and the complexity of her gearing in all of the cables and ropes. I combined acrylic with market and paint crayon to get the texture and layers of water, boat and sky

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